Hutches & Sheds

Rabbit Homes

Our rabbit homes are built in-line with the Rabbit welfare associations (RAW) guidelines on minimum requirements, where possible we like to exceed these requirements. 

Our smallest size is 6'0" wide by 3'0" deep.

All housing is constructed out of 38mm x 50mm planned wood and 18mm Tongue and Groove match board.

We can build any size run you require, if the size is not listed below or you need a bespoke service just ask.

Our hybrid range of Bunny Bothy's offer the best value for money, whilst giving your rabbits the space they deserve.


Rabbit home checklist 

Can your rabbit hop 3 consecutive times within the space given?

Can your rabbit stand up on their hind legs?

Is there somewhere to sleep?

Is there Space to put a food bowl?

Is there a toilet area?

Is there a drought free area?

Is there access to a large run? 


What size home do I need?

The Bigger the better!

A rabbit should not be solely confined to a hutch, this is mainly somewhere to sleep, eat and provide shelter.

Minimum requirements are 6" x 2" x 2", however if you have a larger rabbit or a pair of rabbits the size of the hutch must also increase.

Access to a secure run is essential. This must be sturdy, predator proof and have weather protection. 

For more information of Rabbit hutches please visit  


"Budget" Bunny Bothy £478.00 Add to Basket
Bigger Bunny Bothy Bigger Bunny Bothy £718.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
'Epic 'Epic" Bunny Bothy £1029.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
Welfare Shed Welfare Shed £1117.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
Freedom Bothy Freedom Bothy £1599.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
The Hutch The Hutch £550.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
Shelter n Shade hide Shelter n Shade hide £45.00 Add to Basket Write a Review