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Welcome to Manor Pet Housing

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View our Gallery

What to expect from Manor Pet Housing


We pride ourselves in using bespoke craftsmanship, to create good quality built to last pet homes that meet the expectation of the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund “A Hutch Is Not Enough” campaign (RWAF).

Our range of rabbit enrichment hides is ever expanding. However, we always ensure each product meets three stages of quality control:-

1) Ensuring the rabbits are able to have the space they require to display their inquisitive and playful nature.

2) Great quality, value for money, products that last.

3) Products that will not look out of place in your home.

Our wide range of rabbit accommodation designs are available in standard sizes, along with providing larger sizes for giant rabbits and lower setups for older less agile rabbits.

However, we also supply rabbit enclosures, including indoor rabbit exercise pens, rabbit toys, rabbit tunnels and warrens, all of which can be customised on request. 

Our setups are designed for a wide range of budgets, as most items are compatible with each other, allowing you to build up your collection over time and create a unique design tailored to fit into your rabbits environment.

Rabbit Tree Rabbit Tree £17.50 Add to Basket
Basic Burrow A Basic Burrow A £32.00 Add to Basket Write a Review