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Here at Manor Pet Housing we support the work of rescues.

All rescues work tirelessly and selflessly to care for unwanted and abandoned animals. Often with little spare funds available after expensive vet bills and correct nutrition is provided.

We also understand that many rescues take animals into there own homes and therefore would like furniture for the rabbits that does not look out of place indoors.

Manor Pet Housing will offer and 10% discount of all purchases for rescue use.

To qualify for this discount you must follow these steps:

  • Register on the Website.
  • Once registration is complete, drop us an email letting us know you have registered and that you would like to apply for the discount.
  • Enclosed in the email, please provide proof that you are a rescue. This can be in the from of a registered charity number, A Website link to the rescue or your vets contact details who can verify your rescue account.
  • Once your rescue has been approved all products entered into the basket under your registered user name will automatically receive the 10% discount.

Its a quick and simple process which we hope helps some of the many kind hearted and caring people out there who are trying to improve welfare and lives of animals.