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Christine Sinclair 03 October, 2021 I bought a fort to go into the corner of my bunnies new run. Providing enrichment where they can hide and climb plus a ramp (as one of them only has short little legs) its just perfect and so well made. Arrived quicker then expected. Will defiantly buy from this company again.

Martin Burns 04 September, 2021 Have bought several items from Manor Pet Housing now. All have been exceptional quality and delivery has been swift. The haybar is amazing and the rabbits love it. I will definitely be back for more items to add to the rabbits collection.

Kerry Phillipson 11 August, 2021 The large deluxe hay bar came today and both rabbits couldn't wait to investigate it. It's very well made with plenty of room for 2. I chose holes rather than bars. I've been trying to find a better way of feeding hay for a while because of the amount of waste. This deluxe hay bar fits the bill as the bunnies can eat directly from the rack or graze from the bottom of the box. A great product which I can highly recommend. Delivery was prompt too.

Frances Booth 23 May, 2021 My bunnies past and present love the space and balcony of the bunny bothy. The little door for them to go outside they love. Seeing them happy makes me happy. Best bunny accommodation on the market!

Peter Foster 12 February, 2021 Very happy with the product well-made and well priced. My bunnies both love it.

Daniela 12 February, 2021 I purchased a custom enclosure for my Syrian hamster based off the Guinea Pig enclosure. The team at Manor Pet Housing were fantastic, Liz answered all my emails promptly and reassured me about the delivery, she also kept me in the loop regarding technical decisions on the lid. The materials are very good quality, wood and polycarbonate glass/acrylic. It's heavy but very robust. There's hardly other options as good for custom hamster enclosures as Manor Pet Housing, I'm very happy with this purchase. If I knew about them before, I wouldn't have bought a store hamster cage, at all!

Sarah Lay 12 November, 2020 We have purchased a few items from Manor Pet Housing - a custom indoor rabbit house, a a deluxe hay bar and wooden rabbit toy. The team are fantastic, especially being patient with me on the bespoke rabbit housing as it too me a while and quite a few videos and drawings to work out what I wanted to do! Delivery is great and the quality is great. 5 stars!

Meryl Good 22 October, 2020 I purchased the deluxe hay bar and bunny play table. These were delivered yesterday( 21 October). Delivery driver was really good and nice, Both items are brilliantly made very sturdy and look great, I chose version with holes and on checking this evening they have been using the hay rack. Really pleased will be looking to buy additional items now
Meryl Good

Jane Collins 17 October, 2020 We have recently received our third order from Manor Pet Housing. Our buns love your furniture as do we. It is excellent value for money and made beautifully. We are already looking at what we can get next for our spoilt buns. We currently have dig boxes with hay racks, a custom gate and a custom room divide. Our buns love the dig boxes. They look great and help to contain all the hay as well as being something for the buns to play in and on.

Delivery is always easy and the courier service you use you can't fault.

sian lilly 02 July, 2020 Our Rabbits Belle & Pineapple have had a new luxury MPH outside home for a few weeks now & absolutely love it! Pineapple is a big fan of the platform :-) & it's all connected to their runaround tunnels / runs so they are loving life! We were so impressed that MPH managed to deliver on time during lockdown & were so relieved with how easy the shed was to set up (to say me & hubby aren't DIY people would be an understatement, but it was so straight forward!). The quality is outstanding. Thank you MPH - it's perfect!

Penny King 02 July, 2020 Thank you for such a quick delivery of our cubes to add to those we already have. We love the quality of the wood and that they are beautifully made without any staining.

Simon moore 11 September, 2019 Got my delivery of 2 tier castle, with 2 bridges and 3 tunnels to go with my rabbits enclosure he loves it ,the craftsmanship is excellent ,proper wood ,better quality than my own furniture I'll definitely buy again ,thank you mph

Abi J 27 August, 2019 For a few months now I have had a haybar house, corner tier fort, food bowls, ramp and first aid box. They certainly are long-lasting and well made. I have now ordered tunnels, basic burrows, a bridge and some cubes to make a cube-it system. My buns love what they have so far and so do I. Fantastic quality, very sturdy. Couldn’t give Manor Per Housing higher praises. Have recommend to others I know. Very helpful throughout order queries and although the delivery was a little long and the anticipation was hard to manage, it’s all well worth the wait! Thank you

Kathryn Brook 17 August, 2019 I purchased 3x 2 tier castles, 1x large 2 tier castle, 5x tunnels and 2x bridges which arrived on 22/02/19. I have 2 boisterous boy bunnies who love to run, play and chew. After 6 months of my 2 little roughnecks living and playing in their castles and burrows I can confirm how well made and sturdy Manor Pet Housing products are. My boys are rescue bunnies who have to live indoors due to contracting snuffles when they were still tiny so need space and comfort as well as stimulation to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Manor Pet Housing castles and runs tick all the boxes, my boys can roam around and explore their burrows, sit looking out of the window on top of their castles, curl up for a snooze or stretch out in the sunshine whilst I am secure in the knowledge that there is no cheap mesh wiring or no sharp edges to cause injury. Please don’t be put off by having to wait for your castles, etc. as they are made to order and are well worth the wait. Also a big thank you to Liz and Manor Pet Housing delivery drivers who managed to deliver my order on time to Nairn in the Scottish Highlands even after the original delivery vehicle broke down, very well done all of you!

John Wilson 04 June, 2019 That’s me received my final panel from MPH for my two house fur babies and once again it’s spot on for fit. I’ve bought a bespoke indoor hutch for my two girls, hides, hay dispenser, litter tray etc, in fact everything they could possibly need to have a great indoor life with lots of love. I can honestly say that although I’ve spent over £1000 on my two girls it’s been worth every penny for what we’ve ended up with. My fur babies have got the most luxurious home in my sitting room, totally bunny proofed so they can hope around freely from dawn till dusk in complete freedom. I’ll never go anywhere else than MPH and if I need to replace any panels over the years then I’ll certainly go back to them. Such nice people and the workmanship is first class. I know that over the past few months it’s not been cheap but my two fur babies love it and I get so much pleasure seeing them enjoying it all. Fabulous company who obviously care about the animals they provide a home for. Thank you once again.

Michelle Turrell 29 May, 2019 I brought my daughter gift vouchers for Christmas and was delighted with quality of her items she brought with them that I also brought and will be buying more items for our animals our rabbits and guinea pigs are extended family members so deserve the best and MPH are the best waiting for medical box to arrive now, wonder what next to spoil them with thank you MPH for great quality enrichment items for our furry family highly recomended

Elaine 24 May, 2019 We ordered a bunny manor and basic burrow linked with a bridge and our 4 house buns love it! I'm so glad this company exists and enriches the lives of bunnies everywhere :) Rabbits love to hide, and ours can mostly be found asleep inside the castles or peeping out the windows which looks hilarious. They're really spacious as well so the buns have room to move around in them rather than just sit. We had a problem with our order but Manor Pet Housing went above and beyond to rectify it and then some. Would 100% recommend. Thank you!

Lisa Flemming 09 May, 2019 I made two orders of wonderful things from MPH in the last few months (fort & ramp, warren tunnel, two tier castle and castle bridge), the last of which arrived today. It is all beautifully made, extremely solid and good quality. Unfortunately, the bun it was intended for passed away last week so we'll be donating everything to a local rabbit rescue.

John Wilson 12 April, 2019 Having taken delivery of my bespoke indoor hutch the accessories arrived a couple of days ago. Bunny hide, bunny manor, hay dispenser/litter tray, wooden feeding unit with metal bowls, ramp,foraging tubes and a gate over the door.
I can’t begin to tell you how good the quality and workmanship is on all of these items. You get what you pay for and as my two bunnies are my immediate family then they deserve the best and they’ve got it from MPH. My two sons room isn’t as well equipped as Bracken and Brambles house. As they’re let out of their hutch first thing in the morning until bedtime they’re hoping in and out between the hutch with its two storey Manor and hide which I call their summerhouse as it’s situated outside the main hutch with its own water dispenser. They each have their favourite places. Bramble likes the first floor of her Manor House and Bracken just loves hiding away in the summerhouse. Their living environment has been totally transformed by MPH. I can’t praise this company highly enough. If you really, really care for your bunnies then show it by getting them a house from MPH. You won’t be disappointed and your rabbits will love you even more by giving them a beautiful place to explore and play with freedom which is what every bunny should have.

Anne 05 April, 2019 I recently received a Penthouse to join the basic burrows, covered litter tray and accessories that my bun already enjoys. He took to it straight away and was soon jumping in from the roof of his burrows and leaping out of the windows. A big thank you once again for great service and craftsmanship.

Yvette Greasley 26 March, 2019 My 2 rescue guinea pigs and I are all ecstatic with the large bespoke enclosure produced by MPH. It matched my design exactly, was easy to assemble, is beautifully and professionally crafted, and looks smart in my kitchen diner too. The boys were so delighted they spent over 4 hours exploring and re-exploring every inch, running up and down, playing with a selection of their toys which it can readily accommodate, popping in and out of their 2 beds at either end, popcorn jumping for joy and doing lots of purring and clucking (communications of pleasure). So pleased I have already sent photos to other passionate guinea-pig owning friends. Excellent customer care too; hope the company goes from strength to strength.

John Wilson 26 March, 2019 Received my bespoke indoor rabbit hutch last week. Dimensions were spot on and it looks fabulous in my sitting room. I’m absolutely delighted with it and have since ordered lots of accessories. My two rabbits, Bracken & Bramble love it. It looks so much better than the metal double dog cage I had before for them! Thank you Manor Pets.

Sean S 20 February, 2019 Received our large hay bar with tray and both our boys look adorable eating from it (front paws on top of the tray). Good quality, have also ordered the bunny manor and look forward to letting them have at it.

K Thomas 12 February, 2019 Our Hay Stack arrived today and our particular rabbit went straight up to it and began to eat from it. He was pleased and I am too. No more hay strewn across the floor, or droppings and urine to clean up in his food store, hurrah!

A Carvell 09 February, 2019 Received my order in good time with tracking available, Beautifully made to a high degree and we'll thought out for two adults bunny's to play in,. Would highly recommend.

Lorna Meek 25 January, 2019 Received my bespoke Rabbit enclosure totally amazing

Laura Guthrie 25 January, 2019 Just to let you know the enclosure and lid arrived at half one today. It is magnificent - thank you so much!

The instructions and photograph were very clear and helpful, and it all fits together wonderfully. I had no trouble at all, and it looks lovely too. I love that Sky now has room to binky and to have a good teararound if she wants to. And it's lovely to be able to have her in the room with me at night - that way if there's a scary noise in the dark I have someone to blame it on!

Shaan Brunton 07 January, 2019 We got our amazing castle from you in Spring 2018 & we & our bunnies love it! Wanted to upload pics for your website. Not sure how as am a bit of a technophobe, please can you let me know how best to do so? Thanks so much. Mrs Brunton. Coulsdon, Surrey.

Katy Clarke 23 October, 2018 Great quality and a speedy delivery. My bunny loves his new litter tray with built in hay rack!

Jamie Stotzka 02 October, 2018 Absolutely fantastic company! Thank you to all the team at MPH. We just had our custom built bunny house delivered yesterday. Or should I say bunny palace... Outstanding service throughout, Liz accommodated our many changes of direction along the way and kept us updated on progress etc. Tremendous quality building with excellent workmanship and lots of great details and features. The company really know bunnies and thought of some things that never came to our minds. 5 star in every way and would recommend to anyone. Well worth the wait! Also ordered a grooming table, which again, is absolutely solid, beautifully crafted and will be a delight to use. We're certain to add some more MPH bunny delights such as the digging boxes to our collection.

Paula Cammack 16 September, 2018 Fantastic service thank you so much! Ordered the chinchilla dust bath, cane very quick but sadly damaged by delivery company. Replacement sent out within a few days, and I am the owner of two now very spoilt and happy chinnies with their super posh dust bath! Cant recommend enough

Alice 12 August, 2018 Really pleased with our two indoor guinea pig enclosures (with rear loft). They are well-made and still have a lovely wood smell even after two weeks. The guinea pigs are having a great time trying to destroy the ramp as fast as they can, but it's so solid it's not going anywhere no, matter how much they nibble!

Rach Smith 26 July, 2018 My bunnies love their digging box, they spend hours chilling out in it and digging of course.

Marie 15 July, 2018 So pleased with our indoor enclosure and bunny manor, our rabbits love it, very well made, well worth the wait.

GAIL MILLIN-CHALABI 13 June, 2018 Great for our baby as he cannot put his fingers through bars which was a concern with our old cage. Also Chestnut has the height to stretch up on his hind legs and more hopping space, we are so thrilled with his new enclosure, it was worth the wait!

Anne 07 June, 2018 A big THANK YOU to Liz and the team. I originally ordered basic burrows, a hay rack and a play table. A few weeks after ordering I realised that the bridge for the burrows would be too long to fit the space so I emailed to ask if an adjustment in bridge length would be possible and this was carried out to perfection. The quality of everything is fantastic and the customer service second to none.
Today I have taken delivery of a custom sized Forage Box which again is absolutely perfect. THANK YOU ALL SOoooo MUCH.

Sue Gill 16 May, 2018 Bought a bespoke Bothy/Run last year absolutely brilliant, even Hubby is impressed & being a skilled woodworker himself that is praise indeed!

Chelsea Roberts 10 May, 2018 Perfect. Only took a week and a half to be delivered. Massive litter tray and beautifully done

Sue 03 May, 2018 I'm really happy with the products from Manor Pet Housing. I ordered the Manor House, Two tier Castle and Two tier Corner Fort as well as bridges and a ramp. They are beautifully made, of the highest quality and make an impressive addition to any bunny room. Truffle and Midnight seem delighted with their luxurious and entertaining environment. They've been jumping around and doing lots of happy flops so they must be impressed too!

Dani Moore 01 May, 2018 Excellent quality products and service. Highly recommended

Emma Phillips 17 April, 2018 A huge thank you to Liz and her team ..... THE best quality Bunny furniture around! We wouldn’t buy from anywhere else!
They go above & beyond with customer service ..... all of their items are well worth the wait!
Can’t wait to add our latest delivery of castles, bridges and a corner fort to our set up .... my bunnies will be amazed once again!
Thank you xxx

Leah Mann 17 April, 2018 I purchased a castle, corner fort and hay bar they are lovely, very solid and the rabbits love them too! Will definitely buy some more

Diana Kennedy 10 April, 2018 I ordered one of your shed and runs and a few accessories. Absolutely exceptional quality and very spacious - my bunnies are happier than ever in their new home. I was able to request small adjustments to tailor the shed to my requirements without any problems. Thank you very much for all your help! I will defiantly order other accessories from you in

Janette Tibbs 06 April, 2018 I could not be happier with my castles and penthouse. The bunnies love them and have more of a spring in their step lol.

Anna Smith 04 April, 2018 Brilliant company with quality products - would highly recommend! The MPH team designed & built us a custom Perspex door for our bunny room so that our bunnies can see what's going on when they're not running riot in the whole house! Thank you!

Catherine Dean 27 March, 2018 Thank you Liz and team. Wow. They arrived well packaged and delivered by a lovely friendly gent. I received a text with an eta of delivery also. Fab. My hammock is just adorable. The fleece is perfect and well made. The hammock has went down a treat with my girls. The hay racks are perfect. Just what I needed. I'll be ordering more hammocks. So very impressed. Thank you all xoxox

Georgina Wickes 26 March, 2018 I just want to say a HUGE thank you! I ordered a Litter Tray/ Hay Feeder from you on Monday and I’ve just received it. I’m so impressed, it’s really well made. Frankie my biggest rabbit was straight in there, I shall be recommending you to everybody!

Denise Michelle Devoto 25 March, 2018 Absolutely amazing quality, nothing too much trouble for bespoke items & excellent value for money. Wish we'd purchased from MPH sooner, but one thing is for sure, we will again!! Highly recommend Liz & all the team at MPH. Thank you SOOOOO much!!

Scott Warren 25 March, 2018 I ordered a pack of 9 shelves and they came really quickly and i got to pick what day i wanted them delivered, they came well packed and each shelf is well cut and looks amazing my chinchillas love them and i will be buying more in the near future

Millie somers 15 March, 2018 Absolutly outstanding customer service. My rabbit loves what i got her. Made out of really good quality wood.

Tracy 08 March, 2018 Just received my bespoke Freedom Bothy for my 4 bunnies, who can only live in pairs. Excellent helpful and friendly customer service. I'm sure I stressed Liz out with all my changes and questions but she was always helpful and great at solving problems. Well made and excellently put together and it fits just perfectly in the space provided. Bunnies are very happy so I couldn't ask for more. Thank you so very much !

Marianne Gaspar 16 December, 2017 Just received the guinea pig castle - our two girls adore it! They look very happy exploring all its corners and easily go up and down the ramps. Thank you!

Kristina Linnell 12 October, 2017 I ordered the bunny manor for my house bunny Tobi. The quality is absolutely stunning and Tobi adores his new furniture. The measurements are perfect and the size of the manor ideal also for slightly larger buns (like my Tobi). Such super friendly service I am thinking of getting rid of the guest sofa bed to make room for some more bunny furniture.

marie vandeneeckhaute-jones 06 September, 2017 Custom enclosure arrived, exact to my measurements and design. Worth every penny, and the wait. Superb craftsmanship. Bunnies have several pieces of furniture, hay bar/ litter box, play table, bunny throne all enjoyed by bunnies. They are eagerly awaiting their corner fort. Now have to get rid of some of my furniture, to make enclosure bigger. Love seeing happy bunnies. Well done MPH.

Beth Pegg 04 July, 2017 Very friendly customer service and very helpful too if you have any questions. Products are incredible and well worth the wait! Hand-built to order, the wood is solid so will last ages even with the greatest of chewers! Bought for my bunny who lives outdoors and she already loves it!
Thank you so much, will most likely buy some more for my other bunny who lives indoors!

Jenny Green 19 June, 2017 My bunnies are thrilled and delighted with bunny manor! So much scampering and binkying! Thanks so much for your wonderful products - the bunnies are grateful x

Melissa Todd 12 June, 2017 Products are absolutely amazing, superbly crafted and well made, my bunnies love everything that i have ordered from here.
I will never shop anywhere else.
Liz is so friendly, helpful and kind and is truly amazing, whatever problem or query and she has the answer. Hats off to you all at Manor Pet Housing * * * * * (Five Stars)

Sue Holmes 10 June, 2017 As always, your workmanship is second to none. Even on the Basic Burrow items. I ordered several bits from there and they are fantastic. Great value . Today my buns are having their room reorganised with the new bits to go with their two large hay feeders. Thankyou for being there for us bunny lovers. Providing these wonderful items of fantastic quality. I will be ordering more very soon!

Michelle Baker 08 June, 2017 Absolutely love the bits I ordered; water bottle holder, hay feeder and double food bowl holder. They are all so well made, brilliant quality. Will definitely be ordering some more bits when my bunnies new home is set up. Thank you Liz.

Jody myatt 31 May, 2017 I have just received my digging den and feeding litter tray and hay feeder. I am so pleased with the quality. Well worth the wait. I would definitely recommend. My rabbits Radley and Kidston love it.
Thanks again.

Daphne Reynolds 09 May, 2017 We bought a bunny bothy and run last year and lots more furniture since, almost ready to order our next one for our other 2 bunnies, bunny manor ready and waiting, we love the workmanship and quality of these products wouldn't go anywhere else

Alix Bolus 23 April, 2017 I am always so amazed with the quality of these products. There is noone else on the market like you guys and once i am in my own house there will be a room dedicated to my indoor bunnie with your products!

Elyse Marie 22 April, 2017 I just wanted to say how brilliant Liz was when I was completing my order ! I have ordered the bigger bothy with a custom run and cannot wait to receive it ! Your products all look amazing !

linda girling 22 April, 2017 The quality of the grooming table is amazing, rabbits are very comfortable being groomed. Will be purchasing further products.

Lynne Milburn 01 April, 2017 Have now purchased several MPH products. All have been of excellent build quality, and well designed. My house bunnies Maeve and Silver are so happy with their enclosure, and love the latest addition - the corner fort. Thank you so much MPH!

Steph Gardiner 29 March, 2017 The bunnies love their litter tray and so do I! It's very well made, a perfect size for them both to fit in & will stop me throwing away so much hay! Thank you MPH - I look forward to my next bunny piece (haven't decided which yet!)

Tasha James 24 March, 2017 Such high level quality, our buns love the hay bar! Will definitely be adding more MPH to the house

Adrianne Coles 20 March, 2017 Excellent product. Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Packaged and delivered in excellent condition. Very happy bunnies ... and bunnymama. Thank you

Eleanor Hurley 13 March, 2017 Very pleased with the hay box and tunnel my sister Lionheads Apple and Fluffy love it took to it right away . Great addition to their room

Jessica Skelham 07 March, 2017 So pleased with our run for our two rabbits! Well made, arrived promptly and very easy to put together. Thank you so much

Alison Pilgrim 01 March, 2017 Got the two tier fort today with sisal toy! I love it!! So sturdy and looks amazing. Great customer service, wish I'd purchased years ago!

Becky Moore 21 February, 2017 Very impressed with the guinea pig cage! The whole process was very good as initially there was no option for a lid on the website so one was added, then I was notified when the product was complete and ready for shipping and could choose a deliver day to suit me! Overall a great product and service and the piggies love the amount of floor space

Amy Pierzchalo 23 January, 2017 Fantastic products, great quality and my rabbits love them (hay bar and simple hide) - can't wait to add more! Customer service was also excellent - I made a mistake with my order and MPH went out of their way to correct it

Samantha Martin 21 December, 2016 So my corner castle and warren tunnel just arrived! They are both fantastic and huge! Thank you so much.

Christine Hayes 21 December, 2016 We bought the rabbit tree for our dwarf lop Charlie, she absolutely loves it and as an added bonus it's stopped her chewing on our furniture lol, very well made and quick delivery thanks

Anna Marie 21 December, 2016 Great quality, well built products for chinchillas.

Suzanne Bonner 21 December, 2016 When my customised guinea pig enclosure arrived, it was well worth the wait. Beautiful workmanship and really easy to put together with simple clear instructions. Looks stunning indoors. Had it extended by 1ft and an exterior door added for access to run to accommodate 3 piggies. They love it. I recently adopted another piggy and when the hutch checker arrived from the local rescue centre, she said it was the 'Rolls Royce' of guinea pig houses. Praise indeed. Only the new piggy uses the ramp at the moment, so have put some vet bed on it to encourage the others. Hoping this will work. It is easy to clean, especially with the detachable ramp and tower - have lined the floor to protect it, although it has already been treated. More than satisfied with this product.

Amy Swartz-Glancy 02 December, 2016 Transformed my crazy idea into a beautiful bunny lighthouse! It's fabulous. So nice to work with and so many great products.

Mika Brown 02 December, 2016 Outstanding!!! I designed my own ferret home and they made my dream come true! Almost like Magic!! xxx

Emma Knight 02 December, 2016 Absolutely love manor pet housing was lovely to meet u all at nec for the small pet show. I will be back again for a order once Xmas is over and I can spoil my bunnies even more

Julie Shaw 29 November, 2016 Best Bunny Houses ever, both my boys love their new play houses and have been busy exploring, cannot recommend Manor Pet Housing enough.

Samantha Slater 29 November, 2016 Manor has arrived today it's fantastic, we have 2 very happy bunnies. I have ordered many bits from other companies and this is by far the best well made product, which I imagine will also last for years. Thankyou!

Anna Marie 29 November, 2016 Great quality, well built products for chinchillas.

Emily Hutchinson 24 October, 2016 Our 3 bunnies absolutely love the new set up in their room. They have the bunny manor, tunnel fort, 2 tier castle, single tier castle, a ramp and a hay bar. We requested some alterations to the bunny manor and tunnel fort, in order to fit our space, and these were all met. The quality of the items is excellent as is the customer service. We would highly recommend Manor Pet Housing.

Fran Worley 24 October, 2016 Incredibly quality and fantastic customer service!
The workmanship on the product is wonderful and every detail on the product has been carefully thought through to ensure its beautiful and practical. I couldn't be happier, just need a bigger home to extend Bunny Castle!!

Diane Waterman 24 October, 2016 Loved my tunnels and table, giz and Rosie still getting used to it

Sue Holmes 21 October, 2016 I have just received my deluxe hay bar. Wow, wow and wow again. 1st wow is for the standard of workmanship, 2nd wow is that my three really love this, and the third wow is for the superb customer service, communication and speed of delivery. Thank you so much Manor Pet Housing for making all these wonderful items for our bunnies.

Jan Morgan 22 September, 2016 I love everything I have ever bought from manor pet. What's more important is my bunnies love them too. The quality makes it worth the price.

Stephanie Wright 16 September, 2016 I bought two single tier castles and a bridge for my rabbits a while ago and have only just given it to them since they are currently spending time indoors. They love it and I am really tempted to buy more very soon. However, I will want to put them outside fairly soon and know I need to treat the wood but can anyone advise me how well they last outside in all weathers please? Thanks :D

Clare Cusato 16 September, 2016 I ordered 2 8x5x3ft runs for my giant bunnies. These are a fab size. Easy to put up and fold back down. Will order again from Manor Pet Housing. Safe to say my bunnies wont run off with these

Richard Levine 13 September, 2016 Thank you very much for my Chinchilla order. Mr Chilly Pepper loves his new castle, table, tunnel and hutches! They are all so expertly and beautifully made! Thank you!

Carol Parkinson 13 August, 2016 I recently bought a rabbit fort for my two bunnies. It came much quicker than I expected and is exceptionally sturdy and well-made. Also a much better size than a lot of commercially-made so-called rabbit hides which are often guinea-pig rather than rabbit size. I am now considering other purchases from Manorpet. Thank you.

Tiffany Hobbs 04 July, 2016 Thank you everyone for my amazing order! The bunnies and I LOVE the Bunny Bothy. Fantastically built, and excellent quality! Also thrilled with the corner fort, it is so much bigger than I anticipated! Will be ordering more soon!!! Thank you so much

Emma Pearson 29 June, 2016
My Daughters piggies love their new home so much. Thanks x

Edwina Gibbs 22 June, 2016 Thank you Liz and everyone at MPH. The single tier castle is perfect for guinea. The craftsmanship in the castle is excellent. Manfred - guinea pig looks very relaxed in his new home. Thank you again

Sian Rhys-Price 14 June, 2016 Thank you Liz & everyone at MPH. The product quality I received is amazing, well worth the wait for this all to be made. The pictures you have really do not reflect the size at first glance and its not until you get a tape measure out that you understand what your getting for your money. Its going to take a long time before my bunnies can chew through this. I am now saving up for a second instalment of hides, bridges and tunnels after starting with a corner fort, bunny manor & deluxe hay bars. Having to wait for this order was great for me, as after a couple of weeks I realised I didn't just want a hay bar, I really wanted the added litter tray attached. After a quick bribe from my bunnies via e-mail, Liz was happy to make amendments, (caught her just in time) and I am so pleased. This is so sturdy and is going to last a lifetime. Worst part was missing a binky bunny photo opportunity, she waited till I put my camera phone down. Already told others about MPH, now I can show them why I recommend it. Rabbits give it a 10 out of 10 bink rating

Sarah Potter 07 June, 2016 I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive waiting for my litter tray/hay rack, with the long wait to receive my item. However, when eventually received I was not disappointed. The quality and finish to the product was excellent. I went for the bar hay rack which my bunny just pulls all the hay out of which is slightly annoying but not the products fault.So long for trying to keep the hay out of the dirty litter! Shame for the delay but would definitely recommend.

Maria Morgan 21 May, 2016 Our wishes came true with thanks to Liz at Manor Pet Housing to of made our Bunny Home a Bunny Palace ,We and my four buns , Molly Noah , Mumma Bear and Daggers could never of wished for anything better. Every item purchased are made to perfection and the quality is outstanding. Its what every bun deserves! xx

Ellie and Charlie 21 May, 2016 So pleased with the items I received yesterday. Worth every penny for such beautiful quality, workmanship and customer care. Liz has been more than helpful throughout. I had planned on adding some colour but when I saw how nice it all looked I am leaving it plain for now. So glad I didn't go for cheaper plywood versions of castle and tunnel etc. Really solid well made items and the castellation detail and bunny shape cut out is such a gorgeous finishing touch. Wish I had room for more manor items!

Tiffany Hobbs 26 April, 2016 Received my water bottle holder and 2 hay racks yesterday. I am more than happy with the quality of these products! And the bunnies love them too! I received fantastic communication, and the products were sent out fast!! Can't wait to receive my new rabbit home from you now :)

elaine slater 18 April, 2016 Superb products at a realistic price as so well made. I chose the warren system for my house buns as the eldest now 11 suffers from arthritis and cannot climb. She loves the warren whilst her husbun loves running along the warren and sitting on his castle !
Recommend this company without hesitation.

Barbara Withers 08 April, 2016 It is much better than I thought.,I am thrilled
The quality is superb compared to other products.

Krystal Khan 31 March, 2016 Amazing quality items! Very sturdy and well made! My bunnies love their fort! Thank you!

Michelle Dix 28 March, 2016 Corner fort, tunnel, hay feeder, step up box and forage box. All I can say is brilliant. Excellent quality, well worth the wait

Kerry Roger 28 March, 2016 Manor Pet Housing have pulled out all stops to get my items made and delivered to me in Guernsey. Liz has been so helpful and never once lost her patience with me when trying to sort out the logistics of it all. Thank you xx

Lauren Good 18 March, 2016 Although the items I ordered took months to arrive, Bex and Bosworth have loved them. The drinking bottle & holder is fantastic. Everything is top quality build, worth every penny and I'm already eyeing up what to add to their two tier fort, drawbridge, and corner fort. Hay Bar here I come!

Natalie Jayne 16 March, 2016 The Bunny Mansion is beautiful and perfect for my boys. They love being up high, so having the extra level is just what they need. Their new home is well made and I couldn't have asked for a better home, Winston and Barnaby love it. Thank you very much.

Rebecca Dean 03 March, 2016 I have ordered two customised rabbit houses from Manor Pet Housing and have been very impressed with both the customer service and the quality of the items. Solid wood, high quality workmanship, and precisely as specified when I made the order. Prompt deliver and friendly communication too. Thank you!

Sadie Garrod 01 March, 2016 I wish I could give this product 10☆. 5 from me and 5 from my rabbits.
They LOVE their XL hay bar. This won't be the last product I purchase from Manor Pet Housing. Can't thank you enough!

H 29 February, 2016 Our absolutely flawless warren system arrived this week. It's beautifully made, so sturdy, very carefully sanded smooth, and with such good quality wood. I'm more than impressed. Both the rabbits ignore everything else in their room now - they love it. Thank you Liz!

Compass Compass 26 February, 2016 We are really pleased with our MPH litter trays, penthouse and fort. Very sturdy and well made and the buns love them. The litter trays are particularly useful as they can dig and pull out hay as much as they like and it stays within the tray as it is so deep. Many thanks from Brie, Bagel, Pickle and Biscuit smile emoticon

Bunnies Honey & Ted 24 February, 2016 Received my order today and couldn't be more pleased. Communication between myself and MPH was 110% couldn't fault them at all. A long wait for the goods but well worth it. Just need to paint it all up now and then give it to my spoiled bunnies. Thanks MPH, great job as usual!

Chrissy Nevison 23 February, 2016 I ordered a hay rack, throw and gnaw toys, chew tree and forage box and me and my 3 furry babies couldn't be happier. The items were very well packaged and I even got a phone call when my items were dispatched. The products are amazing quality and you can tell they're genuinely handmade. The items that stand up are very sturdy. We're all very happy and I'll be recommending manor pet housing to all my bunny friends. I will certainly be ordering more products in the new year.
Thanks again manor pet housing, you've made an entire household very happy

Lauren Hawkins 22 February, 2016 Thank you for the hay box which arrived on Friday. Very sturdily packaged with the added bonus for me of lots of my favourite thing, brown paper! The quality of the box is excellent and thank you for checking the measurements, the fit is perfect. The rabbits have been using the snuggle box every night.

Chloe Darcy Riches 22 February, 2016 Ordered a folding hay rack for my bunnies & they love it smile emoticon ... Although one is being rather cheeky & jumping in it smile emoticon thank you!
*** well wrapped for delivery

Laura Chivers 17 February, 2016 Bought the water bottle holder for my bunny's shed as it has no mesh to clip a bottle to- very strong and sturdy.
Also bought a forage box and it is perfect! Happy bunnies= happy mummy thank you MPH x

Richard Yeomans 17 February, 2016 So far, we only have budget hay feeder from MPH and it's been a hit with our bun!
We've ordered a few other bits to start a bunny kingdom and can't wait for them to arrive.
Met MPH at a small animal show and they're both lovely people, who make some quality products. Definitely worth the price.

Katie Phillips 09 February, 2016 Beautifully built, great service and delivery as promised. Thank you!

Angi Town 09 February, 2016 We ordered a bespoke rabbit shelf. Liz was most helpful emailing designs and measurements back and forth. The quality is first rate and adding a castellation, simply genius! An excellent service at a more than reasonable price. Thank you and keep up the good work; promoting rabbit enrichment. A very happy Willow and Lettuce.

Sue Holmes 06 February, 2016 I have had a 3 hole hay feeding station and two steps from Manor Pet Housing. I can't recommend them highly enough for both the quality of their items and the service which is second to none. Thankyou for making these wonderful items.

Amy Louise Fitch 05 February, 2016 My digging box arrived today and already my two love it!!! Excellent quality, would highly recommend!

Nicola Hallet 05 February, 2016 I ordered two hay racks on Thursday and within an hour I had a call from a lovely lady to confirm they were being despatched. They have arrived today, very well packaged and fantastic quality. I have some very happy bunnies. Thank you. I will certainly recommend Manor Pet Housing to all of my bunny friends. Thank you also for a copy of your magazine and for providing my hubby and I with half hour of fun whilst we jumped on all the bubble wrap! Kids at heart! Thank you!

Nadine 04 February, 2016 We purchased a hay stack & hay manager for our two indoor bunnies. We had to wait a while as it was a Christmas deal but it was well worth the wait.
The pieces are amazing quality and they girls love them. Its really tidied up their bedroom & we can't wait to get the some toys/warren systems

James McManus 10 January, 2016 I puchased a Sisal Board, and within an hour it saved my table from being chewed..again!! Thanks Guys!

Natasha Swan 04 January, 2016 Manor Pet Housing is THE name in the bunny world. Everyone wants/has the products because they are simply the best you can get. Can wait to get my own pieces when my bunny shed is finished.

Abbie Mastris 04 January, 2016 Bought a 2 hole hay feeder from you at the pet show in November. So pleased I got it, so ideal and easy to use, it's perfect for my two rabbits to eat from and easy for me to fill up and empty!

Leanne horam 04 January, 2016 We ordered a corner fort and manor with a bespoke bridge to connect the two. Excellent quality of the items and brilliant customer service. Once the awesome foursome are friends we'll definitely be buying extensions!

Joanne Guest 04 January, 2016 Thank you for my hay rack and litter tray. It couldn't have come at a better time as my mum was rushed to hospital and it's saving me so much time not having to hoover after the monkeys everyday. I have ordered 3 more for my other bunnies. Thank you so much.

Lynne O'Connor 04 January, 2016 I recently bought a rabbit tree and a toss and gnaw treat for my 3 buns which they love. Both of good quality, the tree is sturdy so doesn't pull over when being chewed and the rope is nice and thick to withstand some biting. The blocks can be pulled through the tree by the buns for added interest. Both toys have been popular with all the buns but in particular the tree.

Cheryl Stocks 04 January, 2016 My bunnies and i just love your products. They love your toys and wete saving up to build an indoor activity centre. Very well made products totally recomend x

Holly 03 January, 2016 What amazing, creative, bespoke furniture that not only have the rabbits' interest at heart, but also is gorgeous and well made! Would definitely spoil my rabbits a lot more if i could.

Suzanne Lilley 03 January, 2016 I bought a couple of platforms and ladders from the activity centre range as well as a rabbit tree for my bunnies new large run attached to a summerhouse. They love the platforms and it is great that I can add to it. They have loads of room so will definitely be back for more products. Bought one platform from another seller and I must say your products are much better quality. My bunnies love chewing anything to bits but they seem to like your product too much and especially love sitting under each platform. Needless to say the 'other' purchase has been destroyed.

Emily Hutchinson 03 January, 2016 We bought a forage roller at The London Pet Show for our two bunnies. It is great quality and the bunnies absolutely love nibbling dandelion leaves, dried herbs and hay from if, as pictured in the header on the web-site home page. We will be giving our bunny room a make-over this year and will be visiting Manor Pet Housing for further enrichment for our bunnies.

Helen 03 January, 2016 All your products look lovely just what we have been looking for. For our little furry friends.

Lynne O'Connor 03 January, 2016 We, and our 3 buns LOVE our bespoke indoor enclosure. Its easy to put together & very good quality. With having the top built we were able to add levels to give the buns more interest. Visitors comment how well it fits into our home & looks so much better than the cages we had previously. Our home was recently flooded & this was one of the items we had to save so when we're back in our home the buns can get back to normal asap. It took around 10 minutes to dismantle and take upstairs. Cannot recommend MPH enough!

Nicol Cooper 03 January, 2016 I bought a hay feeder, and water bottle stand. Excellent workmanship I will be a repeat customer :)

Fiona campbell 03 January, 2016 Ordered the bunny manor and it's fantastic! My two adore it for sleeping on and liking out of the window. I have since ordered a castle turret and bridge to add to the collection which I am sure will continue to grow!

Natasha Ledner 03 January, 2016 Outstanding customer service and their products are of the highest quality. Can not fault!

Lynne O'Connor 30 November, 2015 I bought a bespoke rabbit enclosure for 3 rabbits, 1 of which doesn't get on with the other 2 so it has a dividing panel. The product was easy to put together, is very robust and of very good quality. Schnoodle, Pudding, Choccy and I are very happy with the results :)

Roxann Holder 18 September, 2015 My two bunnies certainly seem to be enjoying their new litter tray, hay rack and throne. It's fantastic to find a company dedicated to making good quality, safe and interesting items for rabbits. I always feel frustrated and disappointed at the lack of range of items provided by some of the larger pet suppliers and was extremely excited when I found the website for Manor Pet Housing! I'd definitely recommend MPH. Now I just need to decide which of their many fantastic products I'm going to treat my bunnies to next!

Linda Watts 17 June, 2015 I bought the tower hay rack at The London Pet Show. My bunnies love it . I have since ordered a bespoke hide for them, which I am expecting to arrive soon. All the manor pet housing items are strong and very well made and I will purchase again in the future!

Rebecca Cox 17 June, 2015 Bought a bunny manor, two-tier castle, 2 x corner forts, two-tier corner fort, rabbit tree and connecting bridges, ramps and warren tunnels for my four bundles of fluff. They love the whole set up so much that 99% of the time they choose to stay in their room when they have free roam of the house. The husband and I are off TV shopping this weekend for the bunny room - if the bunnies won't come to us during the evening/weekend, then we will have to go to them! I can't recommend MPH highly enough - the craftsmanship and customer service is superb!

Lucy Ford 17 June, 2015 I bought a forage roller from MPH at the National Pet Show, I stuff it with hay which entertains the rabbits loads and then occasionally stuff little treats in the hay and they have great fun rolling and throwing it around! I wasn't sure how much they'd use it but they really do use it a lot especially my little boy who always runs to it when he sees me refill!

I also got to see all of MPH's other items whilst at the National Pet Show and it's all such good quality! I have a long wish list of items I want for my bunny room, can't wait to start kitting it out!

Becci lynch 17 June, 2015 Brought the rabbit tree for my little man. He absolutely loves it. Brilliant craftsmanship. Just ordered the two tier castle fort just know he's gonna love that aswell!

lindsey bickham 16 June, 2015 This company is wow! I bought a couple of trees for my rabbits after seeing how happy they were i decided to buy another so all my boys had one each. They are long lasting and lots of fun. :) i also ordered a hut..but due to my giant being larger than the one advertised i asked if they would mind making it to size. This was no problem for Liz and her team. After measurements taken we recieved our fantasic hut. It fits perfectly in the playhouse for my giant. He sleeps ontop of it during the day to give a full view out of the door and 4 windows. The quality is fantasic and my rabbits defiantly give the paws up. I also got to have my giants face on the hutch is not enough campaign poster for MPH which made me and my family very proud. I am currently saving to afford some of the systems and stack boxes advertised. :) x

Holly Graham 16 June, 2015 i bought a simple accessory table set (2 tables and a ramp) for my rabbit for Christmas - it was honestly the best present he has ever had!

The tables and ramp are really well made, fab quality and my bunny loves them! They are just the perfect size for sitting on, jumping on and off and hiding under.

MPH were so friendly to deal with and really easily contactable. All of my requests were done perfectly and with no problems. I will definitely be buying from here again. I would not hesitate to recommend them for the quality of their products, or their professional and friendly attitude.

Thanks MPH!

Donna Callaghan 16 June, 2015 2 x corner forts and 2 x hay bar/feeders = Happy Buns.
A pleasure to deal with, a top quality, well designed product and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended. 5 Stars!

Fred Winkler 16 June, 2015 I've had my female dutch rabbit for a couple of years now, and felt it was time to bond her with a buck. All went well and they are very happy. However he is a right little chewer and literally nibbles on everything! Therefore all the stuff I had, hay feeders, bed, toys that my little girl used to play with, all got destroyed within days. So I looked for an alternative for stronger build items. That’s when I found MPH, I got a couple of toys and a new Hay Feeder, and have to say I am delighted. Not only did MPH do their best to help me in finding what works best, they were friendly and professional, but most important it's real quality. Sure some people may not want to pay £29+ for a feeder… but let me tell you, it pays for itself. This one my little boy had for a few days now, and he gave up chewing on it, but LOVES to chew on his chew and throw toys, and my girl who loves tossing stuff in the air gets fun out of doing that. So they both can play together without me having to look at replacing it all again in a few weeks time. MPH stuff is build to last, you can tell, and I am glad I found them, and so are my two babies who love their new feeder and toys. Just bought a new bed to replace the old one I used to have, since that’s nearly in pieces after a week already, not a MPH one, so will be great having one they both can enjoy and it lasting. Basically… don’t hesitate, buy from the site, it's worth every single penny. And like I said, great, no amazing, customer service to top it all off.

Natasha Ledner 16 June, 2015 Very high quality products and my buns absolutely love them! We plan on buying them a bunny mansion soon and I just know it will be of the highest if standards because it is quality we can rely on

Heather Jones 16 June, 2015 I bought a bunny manor and castle from here. I had recently adopted a large and bouncy female rabbit with a love for jumping and climbing so needed something that would suit her but would also suit my less adventurous older male rabbit. The castle and manor were perfect for both of them as Penelope uses the highest parts while Frankie has the lower areas for relaxing. The bunny manor in particular has proved a hit as both buns love snuggling inside while they snooze away the day. Frankie has even surprised me on several occasions by jumping up onto the first tier of the manor; a feat I didn't think he could manage!

Lauren disbury 16 June, 2015 Great items, just what we need for our bunnies x

Esther berkovits 15 June, 2015 I ordered loads of toys for my bunnies about a year and a half ago, corner forts, platforms, hay litter racks, my bunnies still use all of it, fantastic quality, really courteous friendly service

Scunthorpe rabbit rescue 13 June, 2015 I am so pleased with the products I have purchased, the fact they are interchangeable will keep or resident houserabbits fully occupied.

catherine cardwell 27 May, 2015 nimbus just loves his new home the quality is excellent , I love the ledges for added climbing fun and hiding food on, the service was super from start to finish would recommend to anyone x

Jan Rowlands 28 April, 2015 Fantastic products. Well thought out, well made and excellent service ensures happy bunnies in a household. Have painted my bunny manor and activity centre and they look amazing. Good solid products that will last many years. Happy rabbits in this home!

Michaela 20 April, 2015 I ordered a corner fort, bunny mansion, 2 tier castle, double food bowl and an XL deluxe hay bar. Everything is absolutely solid and beautifully made. Our bunnys absolutely love it and so do we! Excellent service and easy ordering, would definitely recommend

Nicola Bown 14 April, 2015 Just had my bunny manor and two tier castle delivered and I love them! Fab service and lovely quality products. Cannot wait to give them to my bunnies! :-) thanks very much from Nicky and fury friends Cookie and Zippo :-)

Tracy Playle 09 April, 2015 We are delighted with our bunny castle combo that we purchased and took delivery of this week. We have the bunny manor, two of the two-tier castle hides, connecting ramps and a warren section. Fits perfectly in the space (thanks to Liz's help in planning this all out with us before we purchased it). Communication throughout was excellent and it arrived within the few weeks that we were told it would. I'm a thoroughly happy customer, with two very happy bunnies (even my dog was getting a look in too but as a labrador she's a bit too big for it!)

Cat Sanderson, Nottingham Trent University 28 March, 2015 We were looking for new housing for our rabbits and guinea pigs as we had new pens being installed as well in both of our rabbit rooms in the Animal Unit at Nottingham Trent University Brackenhurst Campus.  We found photos on Facebook on the Manor Pet Housing page and contacted them to create bespoke houses for each of the pens we have.  Customer service was excellent and we only had to wait a matter of weeks for our handmade houses which were delivered by Liz who helped us set them up in the enclosures.  The rabbits and guinea pigs took to their new homes immediately climbing the ramps and hiding underneath and all of our staff and students have been very pleased with them as well.  We have had students volunteering to help us paint them and we look forward to spending time doing this over Easter.