Rabbit Warren Tunnels System

This is a simple rabbit tunnel System can be built up over time. It provides your rabbits with darken runs to play in, hide and feel safe. But also your rabbit will enjoy to hop up, on top of the sections. 

The warren system is particularly good for ageing bunnies who can no longer climb, providing them with enrichment and the opportunity to explore safely. 

It can be used independently to create a run of tunnels or it can be used with compatible products such as the two tier rabbit castle, Corner Forts and simple rabbit hides.

No Fixings required.

All of the Warren Section pieces are weighty, and on level ground will butt up nicely to each other.

500mm length 500mm length £26.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
600mm Length 600mm Length £29.00 Add to Basket
T-Section T-Section £32.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
X-Roads X-Roads £39.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
Corner Section Corner Section £32.00 Add to Basket
Warren Hide Warren Hide £29.00 Add to Basket