Wooden Rabbit Toys

Manor Pet Housings range of handmade wooden rabbit toys are all completely safe for rabbits, guinea pigs and are proving popular toys for chinchillas.

Any coloured wood is dyed using natural food grade colorings.

Our toys allow rabbits to perform normal behaviours, e.g. digging/chewing/chin marking/jumping. Different rabbits enjoy different toys. This is why we are growing our range to provide different rabbit toys to help prevent boredom.

Rabbit Tree Rabbit Tree £17.50 Add to Basket
Sisal Board Sisal Board £21.50 Add to Basket Write a Review
Bunny Play Table Bunny Play Table £33.00 Add to Basket
Toss & Gnaw Toy Toss & Gnaw Toy £1.99 Add to Basket
Toy Kit Toy Kit £9.50 Add to Basket Write a Review
Replacement sisal board rope Replacement sisal board rope £5.00 Add to Basket Write a Review