Cat Furniture

Just because Cats Need good quality furniture too!

Manor Pet Housing's Cat Furniture aims to provide cats with enrichment to play with, hide in and sleep on.

Our Cat range is built with the same love, care and attention to detail as all of our other products.

We build using high quality materials with a luxury finish in mind, and there is no compromising with this Cat range.

We understand that cat scratching is a normal behaviour and is required to keep cats healthy. It allows them to stretch and flex their back and shoulder muscles along with conditioning the claws.

Scratching also allows cats to mark their territory, more importantly to outdoor cats when they want to warn off approaching cats.

Cats also find scratching to be a stress reliever from built up emotions such as frustration and anxiety, as well as when feeling happy and excited.

With all of this is mind we use 3" solid wood posts, cover with a 12mm Sisal rope. The bases are 36mm thick. All ledges/platforms are made from 18mm kiln dried softwood, no Plywood, cardboard or inferior materials used.

Many of our Rabbit Castles can be adapted to suit cats too.


Kitty Cat Scratching Post Kitty Cat Scratching Post £35.00 Add to Basket Write a Review
Kitty Cat Sleeper Kitty Cat Sleeper £48.00 Add to Basket Write a Review