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You can rest assured, that any links Manor Pet Housing provide are carefully picked and recommend by us!


  • The Rabbit Welfare and Association Fund

This organisation has been invaluable to us. The work they do to improve the lives of rabbits and raise awareness is fantastic.

To join the RWAF and get Rabbiting On, their quarterly glossy magazine click here


  • Binky About

This Website is very informative. They are very keen believers in Rabbit welfare, and there page offers a vast amount of information relating to rabbit care, rabbit health and rabbit homes. You will also find regularly published articles relating to rabbit welfare. Binky About are very passionate about rabbits and therefore offer free advise and tips that are easily understood.


  • Action for Rabbits

This is a non-profit organisation working to eliminate the suffering of the domestic rabbit and improve welfare standards in the UK. The aim is to work with rescue organisations in order to support their work and reduce the overwhelming need for rescue spaces - currently standing at 67,000 in the UK alone.


  • Bunny Creations

This Website offers a huge range of bunny themed goodies including jewellery, stationery, home wares, signs, cards and so much more. Some of the items are designed by the owner herself giving many exclusive items.
 Bunny Creations also publish there own exclusive magazine called "BUNNY MAD". It comes out every six months and is a fun and informative read for all bunny parents. It includes lots of stories, health and welfare issues, web & shopping guides as well as lots of bunny pictures.


  • Scunthorpe Rabbit rescue

This rescue  was founded in 1996, although it is not a registered charity, it is RSPCA approved and registered with the RSPCA call centre contact list. All the rabbits which arrive at North Lincolnshire RSPCA are brought to this rescue as they have no facilities of their own. Our rescue is Rabbit Welfare Association approved, and approved by North Lincolnshire Council for public fund raising events, and was both Pets at Home and Rabbit Welfare Association chosen charity in 2010.


  • Rabbit Rescue North West

Rabbit Rescue NW was founded by Anna, Helen and Katy. We have all worked alongside the RSPCA and realised there was an urgent need for a rabbit rescue in the north west. Bunnies are the third most popular pet in Britain but are also a very neglected and often misunderstood pet. They are a highly intelligent and sociable animal, who need daily exercise and mental stimulation. 

Our aim is to help bunnies in need to find loving forever homes. All bunnies will be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.